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The Beast {Ep. 110}

This week Naomi shares the disturbing story of Mary Toft who gave birth to over fifteen rabbits. That's right, rabbits. Then Macie brings us information about Dissociative Identity...

Clip of our latest episodes best bits for your viewing pleasure. Full episode out soon!   Until Next time!

Fairy Snatch {Ep.109}

In this episode, Macie discusses the disturbing world of factory food. If we are what we eat, we would want to rethink our diet. Cage-free chickens aren't living their best life. T...

Best Bits Episode 109 teaser trailer   Full episode coming Friday!!

Scale of Evil {Ep.108}

This week Macie gives us a rundown on the serial killer rating scale. Listen to find out where your favorite serial killer ranks. For Naomi's topic, we get into more evil exploring...

Episode 108 coming at ya this week! We caught a few of the best bits on video, keep an eye out for the full episode coming out soon!

Dup Dup [Ep. 107]

First Macie brings us a topic to honor our new listeners from Jamaica. She shares the lore about the duppy or evil spirit. Listen to learn what you can do to protect or rid yoursel...

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