Episode 33 version 2.0

Welcome to Deeply Disturbing Things,

Thanks for joining us live last night for our first ever live podcast (that worked)! Since we live casted we can now post early, we are very excited about this. Macie shares the disgustingness that is fast fake food and how you probably should just skip that burger, fries, and a coke. Naomi shares the horrifying memory and trauma surrounding The Station fire from 2003 where 100 people died. I (Macie) watched the video after the podcast for the first time and I am requesting our fans do not go and watch it, it is awful .... I cried. Take our word for it, it was horrible to the most extreme sense of the word. The building caught on fire from pyrotechnics while the band Great White played on stage, it quickly transitioned to rocking out to panic and fearing for their lives within minutes. 

Listen in for more details and check us out next week live Monday at 7:00 Pacific time. 

Until next time...

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